Artist Statement

I am constantly inspired by the simple and subtle makeup of the world around me. I believe that it is very much one thing to see the immediate beauty in a flower, a ladybug, or flowing stream, but another to observe and take in the little subtleties that makeup the beauty of the object. I observe the colors, hues, textures, shapes, highlights, shadows, light reflections and light refractions, all working together in a perfect harmony that we call beautiful. 

I attempt to make my work as organic as possible by loosely applying random brush strokes of acrylic or oil paints to a mixture of layered plaster and oxidized metal powders to achieve an unexpected and desired surface. It is at this point that I allow the canvas to determine which direction I will take or the subject I will paint.

 At other times my work may start with a more calculated thought out approach only to end with me throwing caution to the wind, working more off what I am feeling in that moment rather than any particular technique!

 ALL said and done, as an artist it is a gratifying release to be able to bring forth onto canvas or sculpt into existence my interpretation of a visual symphony and to be able to share that with others is something that I find to be truly rewarding. 

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